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There are sites that sell and deliver their own products like Fabindia. There are others that serve as a platform for various sellers. These are marketplaces, like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal, which host products by different brands and sellers. These products may be delivered either by the site itself or the seller. Some sites also provide special services, wherein product quality and delivery are guaranteed, for a premium. Here the site sources products from other sellers but conducts quality checks and delivers them itself.

For instance, Flipkart is set to launch FAssured, promising improved delivery service and stricter quality checks, while Amazon Prime is the paid service that offers similar advantages to its members. Here are the various points at which fraud can occur: Fake website: Tech-savvy scamsters set up sites that look like genuine ones with similar logos and domain names.

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Some may create a dummy site with a product line-up that only exists online. The purpose is to extract money from vulnerable buyers and disappear. Courier company: Here, both the site and seller may not be to blame.

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If they fail to choose a reputed courier and go for cheaper fly-by-night operators, you could land a dummy package. A specific errant employee of the courier firm may also be responsible for the fake delivery. Preventive steps Check the site: If you want to try out new sites, make sure to check the domain name.


If the site does not offer any contact details or has a vague exchange or return policy, abandon the site. Secure payment: As for payment, avoid direct payment to sellers. Opt for payment services like PaisaPay in eBay, which ensures that the seller is not paid by the site till the product is delivered, safeguarding your money.

Also, do not pay via electronic bank transfers because it is difficult to retrieve the money once it has left the bank. Opt for payment via credit card that has a low credit limit and is used exclusively for online shopping, or for cash on delivery, to minimise risk. This is what served as proof and helped him get his money back, he says. If you are cheated.. The first step is to get in touch with the website or the seller. Consider your money lost. If you have opted for a safe site with a guaranteed exchange or money-back policy, you could write to the site, detailing the fraud, product details and mode of payment without giving sensitive information like your bank account number, etc.

The site will conduct its verification within a specified time and revert. The popularity of social media like Facebook, micro-blogging sites like Twitter, dating sites, online consumer compaint forums, charity and crowdfunding sites have spawned a fresh set of scamsters that preys on the personal information posted unwittingly by members.

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Modus operandi There are various online shopping sites that require you to log in through Facebook or mail and this can be an easy entry point for fraudsters, who can misuse your bank details, phone numbers or mail login and password to clean out your account. Complaint forums: Be careful what information you volunteer on such sites. Crowdfunding and charities: Despite the noble sentiment involved, be wary about giving money without verifying the claims of the backers. On 26 February , an Indian American, Manisha Nagrani, was arrested in the US for raising thousands of dollars via crowdfunding to help cover the cost of treating her blood cancer.

She had been perfectly healthy all along. If you befriend someone on a dating site and the person starts demanding money for travelling to meet you or other emergencies, medical or otherwise, know it to be a fraud. Preventive steps You may not be able to seek redressal or have legal rights to claim the money lost because you either volunteered the money or information yourself. So the best you can do is avoid these. According to the RBI, incidents of bankrelated fraud, including cards, ATMs and Net banking, have risen from 8, in to 11, in But the sheer volume of online and offline transactions makes it a fecund ground for fraud.


It is this theft that is carried out in a variety of ingenious ways by scamsters. Online stealing: During e-shopping or bill payment, if you do not choose a safe site or payment channel, it is easy to steal your card information by intercepting the data. You can be routed to a fake site or the data can be copied through keystroke logging.

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Pharming ensures that the fraudster has your bank account or credit card number and CVV, which can be used for online transactions. Malware or virus can also be introduced in your computer which provides access to all the details stored in your e-mail. If you have saved your passwords and login details, these can be easily stolen.

SIM swipe fraud: This is a relatively new technique, wherein the scamster contacts the mobile operator with fake identity proof and gets a duplicate SIM card. Like we saw, most don't take any action. Dan Kennedy: "This requires a shift in the way you view your customers and prospects-as people to randomly sell something to, or as your most valuable assets, to build and maintain a solid fence around, to care for, coddle, develop strong relationships with, and multiply through referrals. Selling things to people makes money.

Developing and owning assets create wealth.

You have to decide what you're about. Dan Kennedy: "The number-one complaint everybody has about the people and companies they do business with, buy from, get mad at, and stop buying from is: the vendor doesn't keep his promises. As entrepreneur's we want to deliver value to our clients.

However, with so much going on When looked at through a wealth generating perspective, this is dangerous. The 1 way customers will leave you is if your implicit or stated promises are not kept. There is no simpler way of stating that. Also, it is our belief that integrity is the root of self belief. Read about that here. If you don't ask for it, you won't get it. Ask and you might receive.

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Don't ask and you won't. Please leave a comment stating which wealth magnet you appreciated. Also, I want you to read other articles that tickle your nose and share your favorite piece on Facebook or Twitter. You can go above and beyond those requirements of course. I'm cool with it. I asked.

How to do your taxes like the wealthy

Maybe one of you will do it, maybe not. But I'm giving myself a chance. Dan Kennedy: "I have improved my bank balance a great deal, often, with conversations I initiate, Beginning with 'You know, we should do something together'. Any entrepreneur that is clear about his vision, and taking daily actions will be presented with them. We already discussed how money loves movement and action. Now, it's time to blow that it with a domino opportunity. Dan Kennedy: "So it's all about small things multiplied, as is most marketing and promotion.

So one article dominoed into 5 or 8 or 20 is a small thing multiplied equaling a big thing. Next time you are presented with an opportunity, maximize it from all directions to make sure that not a drop of it is wasted. The self helpy community constantly is throwing out bullshit products and sayings. What if I love pizza, watching TV and looking at porn all day long? Dan Kennedy: "The idea that you can do what you like, or feel most passionately about and be assured of attracting wealth is silly and childish. Appealing, certainly. But silly and childish.