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That one thing could get her in the right frame of mind to mentally take on the next hitter with a positive attitude. Mind you, the mechanical fix might go in one ear and out the other if she is not used to working with you. You better build a relationship prior to calling the timeout with your pitcher. Girls are so good at picking up on emotions and tightness from people, especially their coach. Nobody plays well tight. A pitcher is fully aware when she is or is not throwing strikes. Every pitcher wants to feel like her defense and coaches believe in her.

Give her a sense of comfort, not disappointment. The last thing girls want to do is disappoint anybody. Girls are such pleasers. Take a little bit more time in between every pitch and remember to breathe. We all like plans. Plans can give us a bit of ease and confidence. Knowledge gives us comfort. If she has had hits off her in the game, where the hitters have really squared up on a ball, then it can be good to tell her the plan is to start mixing speeds a little bit more OR remind her to work slightly more down or slightly more off the plate.

Minimize the adjustment. Help a pitcher recognize what pitch is working best for them. As a pitcher sometimes you get so caught up in the inning and in the moment that everything is going by really fast. One of the coaches on the team should be dedicated to working with the pitchers so that they can develop a relationship and an understanding of each other.

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All 3 coaches may think they know pitching, and they may be giving a pitcher different information and different things to work on. That is mixed signals and can be confusing. One coach working with the pitchers is the best in order to develop a strong relationship and keep things simple mentally for the pitcher.

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Every pitcher is different with how she wants to be approached we all have different personalities. Every pitcher is different with the things she keys on with her mechanics. Work with her before the game, and understand what her pitches are looking like. The more a pitcher feels like you are trying to get to know HER , the more likely she is going to be to listen to you. Where coaches get into trouble is that they make it all about them and are not customizable with how they approach or work with a pitcher.

She might not understand it; it might not click with her. Challenge yourself to come up with something different.


Or here is a novel idea, ASK her what she wants to hear during a game that can help her get through a tough situation. My freshman year, I had an injury at the end of the season. On May 9, the day before our team was to leave to go drive to Big 12 Tournament, I got hit in the head with a line drive at practice.

At practice, our pitchers would always throw live to our hitters to give them at bats. Because it was a bunt situation, I was expecting bunt, but instead, I had a line drive hit at me from an upperclassman who pulled the ball down the line.

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This ball was crushed. I had no time to react and get my glove up to protect myself. That night, I went to the Emergency Room.. Somewhere along the way I got a CT Scan where they found that my brain was bleeding a little where I got hit, and I had a small fracture in my skull. I was so bummed, I wanted to go so bad.

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The Big 12 Tournament signified the official started of the post season in our minds. May 10 is also my birthday. Double bummer to be stuck in a hospital. On that day, after the banquet, I remember laying in the hospital bed, and I got a call from Coach Evans.

Scarborough’s the stage for novel featuring star-crossed Muslim lovers

I was the only person in Big 12 history to achieve this. After about a day, they were able to release me from the hospital because I was actually able to keep food down. I went home with my parents while my team was in Oklahoma City, as no one really wanted me to do anything. Yes my brain was bleeding, but all I wanted to do was be with my teammates at the field! So guess what…we drove to Oklahoma City!!! I remember being so happy to get to be with the team.

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Maybe you could call this my big break into TV?! We ended up losing that game and I drove home with my parents while my teammates rode home on the bus to start practicing for the post season, as NCAA Regionals would be that next week. I did not get to play…apparently this whole brain bleeding and fractured skull thing was a big deal. Who knew!! It was always a time where we had fun, stayed loose and made some smiles.

You see Sharonda McDonald and I in tennis shoes.

We were both injured and unable to play. The week going into Super Regionals, it had been about 2 weeks since I had gotten hit, and the doctors, trainers and my parents said I could play in Super Regionals BUT I would have to wear a mask when I hit, and if I pitched, I would have to pitch withs something protecting my head. We tried soccer headgear, wrestling headgear, and none of it was satisfactory. In order to get a little breeze, they cut a whole in the back of the helmet where my hair bun could go through, and a little air could circulate through. I practiced 1 or 2 days before Super Regionals started, and Coach Evans wanted me to throw to some hitters with the helmet on to see if I could do it and how it felt— a trial run for what was to come in the actual game.

The first hitter I pitched to was Jamie Hinshaw, a fellow freshman teammate, left handed hitter. She came up and in her first at bat against me at practice, ironically, I hit her in the head! We laughed about it and one of the local reporters was there, and he ended up writing about it. Good times. We lost the 1st game of the Super regional, I pitched the second game of the series the following day. Yes, it was a little embarrassing, but I just wanted to play, and I would have done anything to play because I loved it. We had won the Big 12 Conference that year, and had such high hopes of this team in making it to Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, in the last conference series of the year, our amazing center fielder and lead off hitter, Sharonda McDonald had tore her ACL sliding into home when we were in Columbia playing Missouri. And then a week later, I got hurt.

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These were 2 major blows to a team, terrible timing for injuries, especially to 2 starters. What I did my freshman year to pitch with a helmet on, I would do again. If there was a way that I could play, I would figure it out. September 20, Coaching , Family , Pitching , Softball. Read More.