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He is so proud of himself and I am proud of him too. He was on medication for his a. Now he can embrace who is and thrive everyday. Brain Juice has been crucial throughout my concussion recovery. My energy levels, memory, and focus were declining and this tincture has helped significantly! After a few short days of starting it I realized I had more energy and focus than I had in months. It also tastes amazing! Brain juice aka my savior! This juice has helped me more than I ever expected it too. I need to stock up so I can actually graduate lol.

The brain juice and mood juice combo in my morning hot lemon water or peppermint tea is now part of my regular morning routine.

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This comes through every time I take it!! No side effects, no aftermath just knocking down to-do lists and feeling good. I feel like my body is sensitive to herbs, so whenever I take it, I usually do a couple of drops in my water or a little under half the dropper. Whenever I take Brain Juice before the gym, I usually have a good workout. Or throughout that long day and in between meals - I usually just add a couple of drops to my water.

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This stuff is good stuff. I would highly recommend it. This all changed completely when I started taking Brain Juice. I have been able to concentrate and get so much more work done. I am completing all my tasks a lot more quickly and I finally feel like myself again. Thank you so much for this, I can not wait until it is back in stock because I am running low!

Definitely keeping this in my daily routine. As a hairstylist I need to be on point mentally and physically every day, all day and for each client that comes to see me! I love taking this brain juice in the morning and again in the afternoon if needed on my later days. I truly feel mentally more focused, clear and ready to take on each task at hand! I love this stuff! Brain Juice is exactly what it sounds like! What spinach is to Popeye is this tincture to the brain!

This has been one of my best buddies recently. Between getting a new job, where I need to learn a lot of information, and working on querying agents for my book, this has been helping my brain stay in tip top shape. The changes are subtle, much like a guiding hand to the back to push you forward. Analyzing and problem-solving more proficiently — just having more brain energy.

Like the rest of the tinctures, I take it straight from the dropper.

And also like the rest of the tinctures, they start to empty much too soon! It really has made a difference in the quality and quantity of whatever task I am doing…. As with everything else, I really love brain juice. It would have been a grade-saver!! Really recommended for everyone, not only for writers, but if you work or go to school, you NEED this! I am so much more focused, and on the correct page. They really have helped me , this product and Peace Juice specifically.

Thank you Olivia and team for all you do! As an RN I have the energy to get through my 12 hr shift and keeps me focused.

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Love love love this tincture! After I take a drop of brain juice, I feel clearer and ready to focus with no weird crash. Love Olivia for making this! Having a holistic clean approach to every task has been such a blessing. I have never looked back since! I have a passion now to look for the wonderful alternative that the land provides to us and I see now how consumed the health industry is with pharmaceuticals. My wife finally jumped on board and tried the Brain Juice one day before work and she fell in love with the amount of energy and clear headed space she had she ended up taking 5 flights of stairs instead of an elevator Lol!!

Thank you, Olivia! Many blessing to you and your team for doing such an amazing job!

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Olivia thank you so much for your dedication to your brand and the pureness behind the brand. This product has helped me so much.

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I love the taste as well. Thanks for my clarity. Olivia, Just wanted to let you know how much I love the brain juce,liver juice and digestive and my daughter just recently bought me the sleep and mood!! I cannot find one complaint with any of the tinctures they all are amazing!! I have loved taking this each morning upon waking up.

I find myself very alert and more detail oriented when taking this. I just ran out of my bottle. I use this every single morning to get my juices flowing. I like to multi-task but I find the quality of my work suffers that way. I use this before every meal. I will keep buying this product as anyone could benefit from it and I feel like it has only improved my brains health and functionality, and I am definitely making sure my grandma tries this soon. Brain Juice gives me such clarity through my day to day life and allows me to stay focused even on the hectic days.

So thankful I found this tincture. Thank you Olivia for your work!

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I feel so much more clarity with this tincture. I work from home which means constantly shuffling through multiple tabs on my computer for information in different places. Before no matter what I ate, it caused some type of stomach issue. Bloating, gas, pain, or just that uncomfortable feeing were part of my daily life. I feel so great, satisfied and not sluggish anymore. The taste takes some getting used to but I can promise you the benefits are worth it. Im so in love and thankful to Olivia for this product!

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Olivia has taken her products to the next level and the packaging is a huge eco conscious bonus! Olivia has always been committed to quality and efficacy and this line of products is no different. I recommend this tincture to everyone I know. Brain juice brings so much clarity and energy to my mind. For more information please review our cookie policy. Did you know fruit and vegetable juicing can help you stay grounded, enhance your spiritual intuition and strengthen our bodies against chronic illness? Join Holistic Health Coach, Eleni Simos also known as The Clean Eating Chick in learning how to reset your digestive system, increase your fruit and vegetable intake and heal from the inside, out! All workshop attendees will learn the basic fundamentals of juice cleansing, taste deliciously healing juices, and learn sustainable ways to incorporate vegetable juicing into their daily lifestyle.