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Hotel problems 1! Describe Jenny and Rob. Number the pic[U res in the order she mentions them.

Who does Rob call? Complete the You Hear phrases. This is room There's a problem with I'm sorry, sir.

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I'll somebody up the air-conditioning. It isn't working, and it's very hot in my room. Thank you. I'm sorry to bother you again. How can I help you? I have a problem with the Wi-Fi. I can't get a signal. I'm sorry, sir. I'll you through to IT. B I'lt send somebody to look at it.

A book opcn You are the receptionist. B book closed You are a guesr. You have two problems with your room think abour whar they are. A Offer to do something about B's problems. You begi n with Hello, reception. Watch or listen and mark the sentences T or F. Say why the F sentences are fa lse.

Can you remember any of the missing words? Social English phrases Jenny Here you at last. Rob It's to be here.

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Jenny Do you have a view? Jenny Barbara's forward to meeting you. Jenny You be really tired. How do you say them in your language? D tell somebody about a problem e. Then compare w ith a partner. Ask Why? My perfect summer vacation Which do you prefer? A read about Ioe's vacation.

Bread aboU[ Laura's vacation. Find the answers ro questions 1- 5. Vhere did he Ishe go on vacation? Use questions 1- 5 to help you. In pairs, guess the meaning of the highlighted words and phrases. Vhose vacation do you rhink was worse? What happened? The place is perfect, the weather is wonderful, but if you're with the wrong person, a vacation can be a disaster Joe 28, a flight attendant Last October, I went on vacation to Thailand for two weeks with my girlfriend, Mia. The vacation began well.

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But things went wrong when we left Bangkok. I wanted to stay in hostels, which were basic but clean, but Mia said they were too uncomfortable. So we stayed in very expensive hotels. I thought I knew Mia well, but you don't know a person until you travel with him or her. It was awful! We argued about everything. For our last four days we went to Ko Chang. It was like being in paradise. The weather was beautiful and the beaches were wonderful, but we just sunbathed without speaking. We spent our last night back in Bangkok, and we met some travelers from Australia. They were really friendly, and Mia started flirting with one of the boys.

That was the end. We rented cc I'd love to go back to Costa Rica one day At the last minute another friend, Linda. We felt sorry for her because she had problems with her boyfriend, so we said yes. Costa Rica was magical and the weather was perfect. She has a good job so she's not poor, but she just didn't want to pay for anything.

When we went sightseeing. When we went on a zipline tour, she complained that it was too expensive. When we went to have lunch or dinner, she always wanted to go to cheap restaurants or she bought a sandwich and ate it in the house. But the night I invited her and Isabelle out on my birthday, she chose the most expensive things on the menu! The worst thing was that although Isabelle and I paid for the house, Linda never once bought us a coffee or a snack. I'd love to go back to Costa Rica one day First listen to Mia. Does she ag ree with Joc about the vacation?

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What does Mia say about? Vhat's her opinion ofthe vacation? Then listen again.

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Vhat does she say about? Costa Rica :2 what they did there 3 the cost of her vacation 4 her next vacation d Vha do you sympathize with most, Jac or rlia? Lauraor Linda?