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Her cheeks flushed with color. No, you're wrong! Without a word, Jack slid another item from the folder-a five-by-seven photograph of Ellen, walking out the door from First Federal Bank, dressed casually in shorts and a teeshirt. It was unmistakably her. Ellen reeled and nearly fell off her chair. She grabbed the edge and steadied herself. Jack observed her carefully built wall of denial crumble. She burst into tears.

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I didn't mean to do it-I was just so desperate! We were about to lose the house. I only intended to borrow it! Her mood suddenly darkened. I told him to work harder at getting along with people!

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I'll pay you back, I promise! With that, Jack took out the remaining item from the folder. A single sheet of paper.

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Right under my nose. By a woman I trusted. My own CFO. As you know, we only have about two dozen workers there, covering two shifts. Would you like to go down with me and pick out five of them that I'll have to lay off, thanks to you? Jack waited for a few minutes while she cried. He felt cold. And to think he used to fantasize about her! Now he only wanted revenge for her betrayal.

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When her crying diminished, he leaned in again. Embezzling this amount of money is probably good for five years in prison. I only wish it could be more. She looked up, eyes red-rimmed, a shocked expression on her face. I'll be ruined! Besides, if I'm in jail, I won't be able to pay you back! I said I'd pay you back and I meant it!

Jack scoffed. You're certainly not my CFO after today. And I doubt you'll be able to get any kind of accounting job once word gets out about your tendency to steal from those who hire you. The word made her wince. Clearly, she hadn't thought of herself as a criminal until this moment. Sure she would've. He knew that most embezzlers convinced themselves that they would pay it back. Nine times out of ten, they never get around to it-unless they were caught. And how would you pay me back, by stealing from them? I wouldn't! I'd work overtime.

He was right. He had very acute sense of what would fly and what would not. He probably thought the same thing about my book Eltis, but he never said so. LM: So what triggered the idea of making all the data you had been collecting available to everyone?

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And told what he was working on was his PhD thesis. And being Steve he had just about everything that was available in the archives. So it was not like we were stumbling in the dark altogether. But we were aware of the hole, especially for the beginning and in fact there is still is a big chunk missing at the beginning, plus the internet was taking off.

As a consequence, David and I applied for money from a British Agency, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and we got the single biggest grant that the project ever received. That allowed us to set up bases in both Rio and Lisbon. Without Manolo none of this would have happened. He was absolutely central to accessing the South Atlantic trade.

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LM: Ok, let me change the subject a bit. You told Fraser Harbutt in an interview ten years ago that the field of Atlantic history was going towards more micro-history at the time. LM: Yes. Do you still think that? Because I remember when I got to Emory and I started to take courses with you, some important micro-historical studies of the slave trade had indeed been coming out and we were reading and discussing them with you. DE: I think actually the database has helped micro-history more than anything else.

Because people who do micro-history can find out both specific cases and quickly establish the backdrop for them. But you gave the impression that the big issues did not engage people as they used to anymore. DE: Well, if you limit the comments to the slave trade, certainly the big quantitative issues have been, more or less, if not settled, at least accepted. LM: Right, the place of Asia in global dynamics. But is there a way of looking at the Atlantic as part of these global dynamics without completely diluting it? DE: What drives all this is the dominant economic power and obviously with the emergence of China the interest inevitably shifts.

Not many outside Britain do British history, or learn Russian. And interest in the Atlantic coincided with the peak of American power, which obviously set a pattern in terms of attracting overseas migration and continues to do so in global terms today. What happens east of the Cape of Good Hope is still some years away from having the same amount of readily available sources as we have for Atlantic History. So as far as your career, and certainly my career are concerned, we are fine. DE: I just think one of the side effects of US domination in the last century or so is that the rest of the Americas got pushed aside.

And, in fact, American domination is extremely recent. And it was the Iberian world that really mattered as late as and beyond. In fact, probably until the mainland Spanish empire collapsed and Brazil became independent. And the parallel to this is the pattern of migration in the Atlantic. Migration in the Americas was overwhelmingly African until well past So this is not just the question of raising the profile of the Iberian world but raising the profile of the African part of the Atlantic world.

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The database helps to do that. Economic change in precolonial Africa : Senegambia in the era of the trade. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, The Atlantic slave trade : a census. Dr Stephen Lushington and the campaign to abolish slavery in the British Empire. Journal of Caribbean History , v. Economic growth and the ending of the transatlantic slave trade.

New York: Oxford University Press, The British trans-atlantic slave trade after Journal of Maritime History , v. The export of slaves from Africa, The Journal of Economic History , v. The traffic in slaves between the British West Indian colonies, The Economic History Review , v. The rise of African slavery in the Americas. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, The middle passage : comparative studies in the Atlantic slave trade. Princeton, N. The Dutch in the Atlantic slave trade, Bristol, Africa, and the eighteenth-century slave trade to America. Paris; The Hague: Mouton, Services on Demand Journal.

Why did you decide to study history? LM: And did publish anything related to your MA thesis? LM: Was that your first academic piece? LM: Curtin mailed them to you.