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To dream of a gate represents a threshold in your life.

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The entry point of a new phase in your life. The passage of one period of your life, or level of maturity, to another.

Dream Interpretation: Gate

The entrance into something different. Negatively, dreaming of gates may reflect feelings of needing permission to move on with your life or to next phase of a situation you are experiencing. An open gate may represent new opportunities and possibilities. A closed gate may represent an obstacle that you must confront before progress can occur. It may also reflect difficulties overcoming rigid problems. Compatible systems include:.

Dream Interpretation: Gate

Safety and operations The Dream Gate can be accessed for maintenance via a remote wireless enabled service link. This enables operators to gain remote control of the gate for maintenance purposes via a handheld tablet PC. Maintenance tasks that can be conducted in this way include remote control and checking of the components, and remote access to e-documentation for support that includes drawings, photos, audio and video. Software control means that the gate can be controlled for automatic and remote opening, with a differentiated control of the strength of the doors entrance vs exit.

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Remote tuning is possible throughout the gate lifecycle. Technical specifications Body width: mm Body length: mm Body height: mm Standard passage: mm Large passage: mm Throughput: up to one passenger per second User interfaces: 2x6. References Thales passenger gates are in operation at stations worldwide including:. You are here Home.

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On the other hand, you may not be ready to move on and the dream is acting as a reminder that you will be- just not now. If you were climbing to reach the top of the gate, perhaps you are trying to gain the upper hand in a situation in your waking hours.

The Ivory Gate of Dreams

You have a desire to know what is ahead of you before you commit to anything. If you climbed over the gate easily, then you may be looking for short cuts in life.

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