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How To Go Dancing With The Universe And Live In Abundance.

One of the dancers is you and the other is the Universe. You can imagine the Universe any way you like, for instance as an amorphous swirl of energy in flux that presents itself to you in many different forms. Sometimes the Universe presents itself as a single person, sometimes as a crowd.

At other times it may show up in your movie as a positive event or a lucky circumstance—or a difficult situation or issue in your life.

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The Universe can also present itself as deeply felt triggers that draw our attention to still-unhealed parts of us. Whatever is most in front of you in the moment, whatever is most 'up,' in your face—is how the Universe is presenting itself now. Here is where dropping into your first chakra and Being Body comes in.


Feel the aliveness down here? You can tune in at any frequency you can feel; this is your entry point to the dance.

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This way of relating with the Universe is purely intuitive. As with any kind of dancing, thinking about it can make you feel clumsy. For instance, even if it seems unhelpful in this moment, discover as much as you can of the half-full glass that the Universe is offering here. By coming fully into acceptance of what each moment brings, including whatever may be triggered in us, we have fully received the Universe here. This allows the next moment the Universe presents to fully unfold for us with with its love. The Healer Leads Begin your lead by expressing a desire.

Discover what you need to create personal, financial and spiritual abundance.

The dance of the Universe is the dance of evolution, and the theme of evolution is healing to wholeness, becoming one. Now feel this desire and find it in your body. Feel into the energy of your desire and nurture it with your loving acceptance, and energize your desire with the Healing Desire practice.

Next, with your desire well loved and energized, Dialogue with the Creators and ask for their advice about how you can most quickly and easily move toward the realization of your desire. Thank the Folks for their help, and of course follow whatever advice you receive. Now you are leading. Your first step in the dance was to express your desire. The molecules fly off of you. Glowacki, 33, is a computational chemist and physicist who writes mathematical programs and works with computers -- highly abstract stuff.

Yet he's always had a fascination with art and culture.

In between earning his bachelor's and doctorate science degrees, Glowacki received a Master of Arts degree in cultural theory. He launched danceroom Spectroscopy in to teach students about molecular dynamism and to help non-scientists understand the unseen world. Since then, he has used the technology in artistic projects such as a festival in Bristol in October , and for "Hidden Fields," a dance performance he constructed. Glowacki is also teaming up to use danceroom Spectroscopy with choreographer Mark Foehringer, Stanford University composer and sound engineer Michael St.

Clair and visual, media and digital artists, dancers and computer scientists. The performance, called "Dances of the Sacred and Profane," takes place Sept. Lest it sounds like a gimmick, danceroom Spectroscopy can be applied to far more than arts and performance.

It also enables scientists to enter the simulated molecular universe as energy fields and physically change those molecules by stretching or folding them. In doing so, they seek to discover how the strands are broken or why they don't work. Such real-time manipulation is about 10, times faster than using a computer simulation alone, Glowacki said, adding that he uses the same technology to study how to unravel -- and perhaps reconfigure -- errant protein strands that may be the bases of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Digital technologies such as danceroom Spectroscopy could provide the missing link between art and science. Midth-century art theorist Gyorgy Kepes first envisioned reconciling art in a technology-dominated society through a common language and symbolism while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the s. Like Glowacki, Kepes wanted to share the unseen world with non-scientists.

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  7. His s exhibition of microscopic cells, atom trails and electrical fields being studied by MIT physicists -- worlds that were not available to anyone outside of scientists with specialized equipment -- introduced a commonality between art and science. Glowacki said he isn't familiar with Kepes' work. But the show at the Stanford Art Gallery builds on his concept. Beyond mathematical configurations, there is art in science, even if scientists don't always want to acknowledge it, he said.

    With danceroom Spectroscopy, he aims to forge a link between the two disciplines. Art has always been about seeing things that you don't normally see. When: Tues. Info: Go to stanford. Support your local whistleblowers inside social media companies By Douglas Moran 12 comments 1, views.

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